Tom and Kinda Funny's Greg Miller at Beyond 400

Tom and Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller at Beyond 400

About Tom – Tom is from San Jose, California, but goes to Syracuse University to study broadcasting. Tom got his start in gaming with a Playstation 2 and a Gameboy advance, and counts Metroid and Metal Gear Solid as some of his favorite franchises. When he’s not playing video games or trudging through the frozen hellscape of Syracuse winters, Tom enjoys watching football and playing soccer.

You can follow Tom’s epic story of winter survival on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at TVatHome.

Mark at NYCC 2015

Mark at NYCC 2015

About Mark – Mark is a Philly boy, born, raised and currently residing there and working.  He is a passionate philly sports fan, loves Pearl Jam, movies, tv and gaming. He got his start gaming with an NES and gold Legend of Zelda cartridge.  His favorite game series is Metal Gear Solid, he is a huge DC and Marvel comics, TV and movie fan.  The Bond movies are what made him fall in love with the medium.  When he is not consuming all his entertainment content, he is out with his friends at bars or going to concerts. 

Mark’s passions of gaming, TV, Movies, and Philly Sports  teams are chrionicled at:

Twitter – @Mkessler124

Instagram – @Ktown124

Snapchat – @Mkezz124